Women Who Were Badasses This Week: A Brief Summary

There’s been a lot of ordinary women this week doing extraordinary things so I felt a brief recap was entirely necessary. AND IT’S ONLY WEDNESDAY. Image

  • Starting off with my girl Wendy Davis. Have you heard about the Texas State Senator who stood yesterday for eleven hours in a filibuster to delay a vote that would lead to the most restrictive abortion laws in the state? (Wendy, looks like you’re well-prepped for a dance marathon.) She’s pretty incredible – Davis herself became a single mother at 19, she became the first in her family to graduate college and then went on to Harvard Law. Casual. I predict big things for her in the coming years. And since she gained 80k+ Twitter followers in ONE DAY, I think it’s safe to say the world iswatching her.
  • Most people in their 80s are retired, enjoying peaceful lives filled with shuffleboard, bingo and maybe a round of golf. Edie Windsor took on the Supreme Court. And won. And looked absolutely flawless in the process. Windsor has a busy celebratory weekend ahead of her – she’s the grand marshal in New York City’s Pride Parade this Sunday. 
  • Moving on to another female politician (why aren’t there more of them? A debate for another time). Rep. Tammy Duckworth, the Iraq War vet who lost both of her legs, straight SCHOOLED a federal contractor who said he should be a service-disabled veteran because of a football injury. From when he was on the football team at a military prep school. You tell that asshole. 
  • Honorable mention: Peggy Olson. Because she’s the new Don Draper. 

Anyone else I miss? Here’s to two more days of kicking ass. 

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