You Are Now the Mayor of …

After an interesting development this evening, I started thinking about the possibility of someone in our generation lying about their whereabouts and what they are doing on any given evening. For people our age (Generation Millenial or whatever we are known as), every aspect of our lives is documented through social media, whether we like it or not.

I like to think I have control over what I broadcast about myself over the internet but I know that really isn’t the case. I choose when to check in on FourSquare and what to mupload to Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ etc. My accounts are followed by fellow professionals, coworkers and most importantly, my mother. Just as I tried to make sure want professors in college didn’t know if I had gone out the night before their class (damn you insufferable bar stamps), I am becoming more proactive about what and how I say via the internet.

So what happens when we tell a person we will be some place (like at home for the night), we purposely do not check in or tweet or post about our location, and then someone else tags us at a bar or out galavanting somewhere downtown. Wham. Right there on creepy feed, Mark Zuckerberg blowing up our spot. Definitely not streaming Netflix but instead out for a night on the town. Dirty little secrets aired to the public, All American Rejects style.

When public check-ins were becoming more popular, stories stated to hit the news about wives catching their husbands in affairs. The men were tagged in places nowhere near their homes or offices after telling their wives they were working late. Even if they were covering their tracks, a buddy could have checked them in at a sports bar or a strip club or anywhere they weren’t supposed to be, without even realizing the potential disasters. Like any tech-savvy person, the immediate next step was to start lying and checking in places they clearly weren’t.

Let’s ignore the bigger issue of people having to lie to their significant others. What is the appropriate course of action for us to take when we catch someone in this lie? Are we allowed to saw a person wasn’t where he or she claimed to be because a photo on our newsfeed said so? Or is that consider “stalking?”

For now, I would like to think I took the mature road by not posting a snarky comment on the photo that popped up on my mind, even though I clearly caught this person in a lie. My reaction was much more adult-like and sophisticated.

I’m giving this person the silent treatment.


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